• How to be Homeless around UC Davis

    How to be Homeless around UC Davis
  • How to be Homeless around UCLA

    How to be Homeless around UCLA
  • Colors: a picture book story about love

    Colors: a picture book story about love
  • The Chase: a novella about girls and existentialism

    The Chase: a novella about girls and existentialism

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Most people start from a point of belief, and only after enough doubt accumulates, will they rescind their belief.
("this is true! oh wait, no it's not).

Some people start from a point of disbelief, and will only believe once enough evidence mounts to make them believe.
("this can't be true! oh wait, but it is!")

I start from a point of belief, but believe that my belief is incorrect, but act as if my belief were true until my belief is proven either true or enough evidence mounts to prove it false.
("I want this to be true, but I don't think it is... ah it looks like it is/is not true.")

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Art is our portrayal of reality, of the patterns and symbols that govern our everyday lives.

"Without art, he insists, shirking no personal or collective horrors, we do not know ourselves or anyone else. Only art penetrates what pride, passion, intelligence and habit erect on all sides - the seeming realities of this world. There is another reality, the genuine one, which we lose sight of. This other reality is always sending us hints, which, without art, we can't receive. Proust calls these hints our "true impressions." The true impressions, our persistent intuitions, will, without art, be hidden from us and we will be left with nothing but a "terminology for practical ends which we falsely call life."[1]

[1]: —Saul Bellow, Nobel Laureate Speech, Source.