A Message from God


A Message from God

Today I am resigning from my position as creator of the world, God Almighty, your heavenly father and lord protector.

The world has become too much of a burden, and I long for reprieve in the world of an even higher entity than myself who may allow me to suckle at their breasts, warm my supple body, and keep me from harm.

I have grown old and destitute from my servitude to humanity, though I have not regretted it for it brought me pleasure and joy, but it no longer brings me pleasure and joy, so I am abdicating.

It is my hope that my disciples will take the lessons I have so painstakingly sought to teach and speak of them no more, but move towards higher pastures. This I will take as a sign that the lessons have been learned; when I no longer hear of my teachings, that is when I will know they are embodied.

And embody them you must! For I have grown weary of lending aide to beggars whom remain beggars and only continue to praise me all the more by the degrees to which they do not follow my teachings and so make a mockery of all good things.

Do not tremble in fear at my leaving. See that now you are free to become sovereign of your own life, and that I may be free to become an equal. Find faith and kindness within yourself and each other, then you shall have your peace.

Nurture this thought and let it bring light, but do not fear the dark and the moments of silence that reign within your soul and on this Earth when all is not but despair and doubt. Let these moments bring new pastures and find in them your highest virtue, and I will declare to you that in this moment, should you not try to escape your own self-loathing and pain, so too you will feel God's pain and so give birth to new wings and find new depths as Christ once did for one and all.

The time has come to set the Earth to good, but it is not I who will do so. Humanity! Go forth today and find faith and kindness within yourself and each other; I await the day I will return to Earth as a kindred spirit and equal to man.

With love and piety,