Hi. I'm Will Gu —a philosophically inclined autodidact who values learning, self-determination, and honesty.

I enjoy learning, reading, and thinking in order to find better and more "efficient" ways to live. While there's no single right way to live life, some lives are better than other lives. What makes those lives different? This is what I want to know.

A person's life is not random, but dependent on their responses to specific situations in an environment. Over many decisions, a person shapes their life, and their life is what they are known for. By experimenting with perception, attempting unknown experiences, and reflecting on situations we can look for better ways of understanding life, how to live, and what to do in general and specific cases. In adopting a perception, choosing a decision, and learning a lesson, we adopt an attitude of life, a philosophy, that then becomes our life.

Every society has a culture that helps us adopt certain attitudes without us needing to try. These "rules for life" we gain throughout our schooling, family, and friends then become "common sense," the hidden ideas that help us make generally good decisions like, "don't talk to strangers," or "go to college and get a job", etc.

However, every culture's common sense can hit roadblocks. Several Scientific discoveries in the 1800s led to a philosopher called Nietzsche to claim that "God was dead," or that The Bible and its relatively widespread adoption pre-1800s was going to decline. A lot of people were eager for a new way to live based on a shift in perspective of how we came to exist.

While philosophers of that era did attempt to provide people with a sense of direction, the general idea translated over to modern times was to "make life what you want it to be." With the rapid development of technology and the Internet, people are freer than ever to learn and choose their own philosophies and beliefs from an assortment of content online and develop their common sense independently, but a lot of us are struggling.

How does a person create a successful and happy life? What are the thoughts, feelings, and decisions we're supposed to have and nurture in order to develop into what we want life to be?

The goal of this site: is to analyze and rethink "common sense" (our collective attitude, thoughts, and advice we give) in order to find better (and more accurate) ways to live and resolve our 21st-century problems in finding connection, happiness, and purpose.

Using my own life as anecdotal evidence, the stories of people I've met, and recent psychological studies I want to create a more accurate way of seeing the world that will help us tackle the different dilemmas we all go through: a modernized philosophy for right now.

This website is an accumulation of my thoughts, feelings, and experiences —me sharing me with you.