Moved to Vancouver, Canada

I got sick of freelance coding, so I began playing Overwatch (video game, username: GuBear). I joined an amateur team, and moved in with one of my teammates.

Moved to Vancouver, Canada


  • 2016, September
    • Joined an amateur Overwatch team trying to become professionals. By chance, one of my teammates lived in Vancouver and was looking for a roommate, so a joke became a reality when I told him I'd actually move to Canada and could (since I was born there, i.e. I'm a citizen).
  • 2016, October 1st - 2016, October 31st
    • Took an Amtrak up to Vancouver, Canada and booked an AirBnB for the month to give my teammate and I time to search for apartments.
  • 2016, November
    • Moved into a two bedroom basement suite of a married couple's house on 53rd and Kerr, Vancouver, Canada.
  • 2017, February
    • Left Vancouver, Canada for a cheaper 10x10 room in San Jose, California.

Character Development

  • 2017, March
    • By this time I'm coping with running out of money, but also feeling close to breaking into the pro scene in Overwatch while also having doubts on whether I even want to be a professional video gamer. Also coping with being a shitty human being and not talking to anyone in my family for almost a year at this point, which I'd never done before.