Moved to Hayward, California

I failed to break into the pro gamer scene and ran out of money, so I moved back in with my Dad. I worked at a few different startups during this time.

Moved to Hayward, California


  • 2017, March
    • by this time I'm coping with running out of money, but also feeling close to breaking into the pro scene in Overwatch while also having doubts on whether I even want to be a professional video gamer. Also coping with being a shitty human being and not talking to anyone in my family for almost a year at this point, which I'd never done before.
  • 2017, May
    • moved into my Dad's place in Hayward.
  • 2017, June
    • began interviewing for a startup called Invisible Technologies whose CEO, Francis Pedraza, was previously invested in by Peter Thiel for an app called "Everest," a self-actualization app.
  • 2017, July
    • began working at Invisible Technologies as an Operations Manager/Assistant.
  • 2017, Late Juy
    • left to LA to visit a girl I liked, but then she flaked. I didn't have any housing accomodations in mind when I left, so I decided to just try being homeless. This lasted for about 10 days before I lost my duffel bag with my change of clothes. Amazon lockers weren't open for that summer for some reason, so I needed a physical address to ship more clothes to myself. I found a summer sublet on 611 Levering Avenue and shipped clothes to myself.
  • 2017, September 7th
    • quit working at Invisible Technologies.
  • 2017, Late September
    • moved to 5585 Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach to work on another startup with new roommate.

Character Development

2017, December - 2018, May

  • By this time the two startups I worked at didn't appeal to me for one reason or the other (too morally chauvinistic or else delusional), so I was looking for another option, but working was the reality I had to live in if I didn't want to move back in with my parents, which I didn't want to. I hesitantly tried to get back into the freelancing work that I'd done previously and found that barriers to re-entry were much higher because Upwork had come into existence recently and was making it harder for individual freelancers to compete (elance had existed previously, but it wasn't as mainstream, so there was still plenty of work to do that came from referrals, whereas in my situation I didn't have the liberty of a club at UCLA to drive referral traffic to me anymore, so I felt reliant on the platform which didn't cater to my rather dismal credentials, since I'm primarily a project person).
  • I worked a few freelance style type jobs around this time and remembered how much I hated it, then my landlord served me with a month eviction letter because she wanted to rennovate the place (or maybe she liked me and felt bad for making me pay more rent because she didn't kick my roommate out, so her explanation is inconsistent to her behavior, meaning there's a different reason), so I began tentatively looking for other apartments, then decided it wasn't worth the time to look for a place that I would have to pay for.