Hi. I'm Will Gu —a philosophically inclined autodidact who values learning, self-determination, and honesty. I like writing, love philosophy, and can code.

I enjoy learning, reading, and thinking for the purpose of continually finding better and more "efficient" ways to live. While there's no single right way to live life, there are comparatively better lives than other lives. What makes those lives different? This is what I want to know.

A person's life is not random, but dependent on their responses to specific situations in an environment. Over many decisions, a person shapes their life, and their life is what they are known for. In existentialism, this idea is mirrored in Jeal-Paul Sartre's "existence precedes essence" —we are not anything (essence) until we've first lived (acted). We become what we do. In this sense, this means we are always free to act and choose to become something altogether different than what we are today —we are not fated, our genetics and temperament only act as the cards we are given, we must still learn to use them properly.

In order to arrive at better ways of living, I experiment with perception, attempt unknown experiences, and reflect on situations. I engage in "Praxis" —a process of theorizing, acting, and reflecting. In this way, I look for better ways to understand life, how to live, and what to do in general and specific cases. In adopting a perception, choosing a decision, and learning a lesson, we adopt an attitude of life, a philosophy, that then becomes our life.

I do this because I'm curious. I enjoy not knowing what will happen, being challenged to understand, and finding better ways to confront situations we all confront. I want to live life because I'm not content to watch life happen. This website is an accumulation of my thoughts, feelings, and experiences —me sharing me with you.

A more in-depth chronology here.