Don't be afraid of the dark.

from The Dark Light by Will Gu poem ~1 min read

We may often find
that what we want
is never in found in light
but hidden in the dark.

And as much as we'd like to grasp at treasures
that gleam as much as they are obvious
it sometimes truly requires
that we grasp around with our hearts.

Where other people go other people find merit
but have I told you that people follow what is light?
Oh, they have no heaviness on their shoulders!
They have no burden of the night.

They walk around singing songs and making laughter
asking each other whom is happiest or brightest still.
But I know too that people cannot see
that those whom are brightest tend to darkness too.

They build contrast in their position
know that light cannot find its equal except in dark
and so they seldom look where is obvious
and instead follow the shadows of the heart.

—Will Gu, The Dark Light, p. -1