Sofia's apron strings!

from The Diaries of Sofia Tolstoy by Sofia Tolstoy nonfiction ~1 min read

When I asked L.N. why he made me so unhappy, and whether he would be going to see Chertkov later, he started shouting in a rage: “I want my freedom, I won’t submit to your whims and fancies, I’m 82 years old, not a little boy, I won’t be tied to my wife’s apron strings!…” and many more harsh and hurtful things besides.

He cannot live without Chertkov, of course, and this is why he gets so angry with me: because I simply cannot force myself to endure a resumption of relations with that scoundrel.[1]

  1. Mirrors Consuelo's ribbons! ↩︎

—Sofia Tolstoy, The Diaries of Sofia Tolstoy, p. -1