Women are "evil" and that is a primary good.

from Dialogue of the Saviour by New Testament apocrypha nonfiction ~1 min read

Mary said, "Thus with respect to 'the wickedness of each day,' and 'the laborer is worthy of his food,' and 'the disciple resembles his teacher.'" She uttered this as a woman who had understood completely.
The disciples said to him, "What is the fullness, and what is the deficiency?" 
He said to them, "You are from the fullness, and you dwell in the place where the deficiency is. And lo! His light has poured down upon me!"
Matthew said, "Tell me, Lord, how the dead die, and how the living live." 
The Lord said, "You have asked me about a saying [...] which eye has not seen, nor have I heard it, except from you. But I say to you that when what invigorates a man is removed, he will be called 'dead'. And when what is alive leaves what is dead, what is alive will be called upon." 
Judas said, "Why else, for the sake of truth, do they and live?" 
The Lord said, "Whatever is born of truth does not die. Whatever is born of woman dies."
Mary said, "Tell me, Lord, why I have come to this place to profit or to forfeit." 
The Lord said, "You make clear the abundance of the revealer!" 
Mary said to him, "Lord, is there then a place which is [...] or lacking truth?" 
The Lord said, "The place where I am not!" 
Mary said, "Lord, you are fearful and wonderful, and [...] those who do not know you."

—New Testament apocrypha, Dialogue of the Saviour, p. -1