Unrighteousness rooted out within becomes righteousness without.

from Dialogue of the Saviour by New Testament apocrypha nonfiction ~1 min read

Mary hailed her brethren, saying, "Where are you going to put these things about which you ask the son [...]?" 
The Lord said to her, "Sister, [no one] will be able to inquire about these things except for someone who has somewhere to put them in his heart. [...] to come forth [...] and enter [...], so that they might not hold back [...] this impoverished cosmos."

Matthew said, "Lord, I want to see that place of life, [the place] where there is no wickedness, but rather, there is pure light!" 
The Lord said, "Brother Matthew, you will not be able to see it as long as you are carrying flesh around." 
Matthew said, "Lord, even if I will not be able to see it, let me know it!" 
The Lord said, "Everyone who has known himself has seen it in everything given to him to do, [...] and has come to [...] it in his goodness."

—New Testament apocrypha, Dialogue of the Saviour, p. -1