Alone we must go.

from Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe fiction ~1 min read

The Herald

He steps down, in a kingly manner!
He beckons, and the dragons stir:
From the chariot bearing Avarice,
And gold, down comes the chest,
See, there at his feet, it’s landed:
It’s a wonder how it happened.

Plutus (To the Boy Charioteer)

Now you’ve left that troubling burden here,
You’re free: so, fly now to your own sphere!

Not this! Where, confused, motley, wild,
Distorted objects crowd around us, child.
No: where you see clear, with sweetest Clarity,
Self-possessed, trusting in your own self: flee,
Where Goodness and Beauty may be viewed,
And there create your world – in Solitude!

The Boy Charioteer

So, I’ll be your worthy envoy then,
So, I’ll love you like my dearest kin.
Where you live, is Plenty: and where
I am, all feel they gain in splendour.
And often hesitate in life’s uncertainty:

Should they yield to you, or yield to me?
Certainly your followers will have rest:
Who follows me, with work’s forever blessed.
My actions are never kept a secret,

I only have to breathe and I’m apparent.
Farewell, then!
You granted me my joy:
But whisper low, and you shall have your boy!

—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust, p. Part II