Consider what you want and if it will change anything if you get it.

from Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe fiction ~1 min read

The Emperor

Now, presents for the court: everyone
Confess to me whatever it is you want.

A Page (Accepting his present.) {.raleway}
I’ll live well, happy, have the best of things.

Another (Also.)

I’ll quickly buy my lover chains and rings.

A Chamberlain

I’ll drink wines that are twice as fine.

A Second Chamberlain

The dice in my pockets itch I find.

A Knight (Thoughtfully.)

My lands and castle will be free of debt.

A Second Knight

It’s treasure: a second treasure I will get.

The Emperor

I hoped for desire and courage for new deeds:
But whoever knows you, thinks you slight indeed.
I see, clearly: despite this treasure and more,
You’re all the same, still, as you were before.

—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust, p. Part II