Hypocrisy is the greatest evil.

from Ecce Homo by Friedrich Nietzsche page 88 nonfiction ~2 min read

I know my lot. Some day my name will be linked to the memory of something monstrous, of a crisis as yet unprecedented on earth, the most profound collision of consciences, a decision conjured up against everything hitherto believed, demanded, hallowed. I am not a man, I am dynamite. —And for all that, there is nothing in me of a founder of religions —religions are for the rabble; I need to wash my hands after contact with religious people... I don't want any 'disciples'; I think I am too malicious to believe in myself; I never address crowds... I have a terrible fear of being declared holy one day: you can guess why I am publishing this book beforehand —it should prevent any mischief-making with me... I don't want to be a saint, and would rather be a buffoon... Perhaps I am a buffoon... And nevertheless—or rather not nevertheless, for till now there has never been anyone more hypocritical than saints---the truth speaks from me. —But my truth is terrifying, for lies were called truth so far. —Revaluation of all values: that is my formula for the highest act of self-reflection on the part of humanity, which has become flesh and genius in me. My lot wills it that I must be the first decent human being, that I know I stand in opposition to the hypocrisy of millennia... I was the first to discover the truth, by being the first to sense —smell —the lie as a lie... My genius is in my nostrils... I contradict as no one has ever contradicted before and yet am the opposite of a no-saying spirit. I am an evangelist the like of which there has never been; I know tasks so lofty that there has not yet been a concept for them; I am the first to give rise to new hopes. Bearing all this in mind, I am necessarily also the man of impending disaster. For when the truth squares up to the lie of millennia, we will have upheavals, a spasm of earthquakes, a removal of mountain and valley such as have never been dreamed of. The notion of politics will then completely dissolve into a spiritual war, and all configurations of power from the old society will be exploded —they are all based on a lie: there will be wars such as there have never yet been on earth. Only since I came on the scene has there been great politics on earth. —

—Friedrich Nietzsche, Ecce Homo, p. 88