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Week 18: OCTOBER 29TH, 2018

The quote of the week has been replaced with "something" of the week! Check it out here.

Week 17: OCTOBER 22ND, 2018

See week 17, Understanding Life: here.

Main Idea: Words can't describe how to live, to understand how to live is a personal synthesis, specific, concrete, real.

Week 16: OCTOBER 15TH, 2018

See week 16, Alone: here.

Main Idea: There are worse things than being alone.

Week 15: OCTOBER 8TH, 2018

See week 15, Spirituality: here.

Main Idea: Spirituality is just a means of coping and understanding death —what senselessness is.

Week 14: OCTOBER 1ST, 2018

See week 14, Words: here.

Main Idea: Don't mistake words for reality —they are separate.

Week 13: SEPTEMBER 24TH, 2018

See week 13, Partial Love: here.

Main Idea: You can't only love another person, you ought to love something else too.

Week 12: SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2018

See week 12, Love and Friendship: here.

Main Idea: The act of falling in love best happens in a close friendship with the opposite sex.

Week 11: SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2018

See week 11, Love and Freedom: here.

Main Idea: Love asks for everyone to be free.

Week 10: SEPTEMBER 3RD, 2018

See week 10, You, Me, and Love: here.

Main Idea: To love a person means to love their essence, them in totality.

Relevant Question: What is the ideal love?

Week 9: AUGUST 27TH, 2018

See week 9, Insanity: here.

Main Idea: Patterns explain reality better than a mind-matter dualism.

Relevant Question: How does a metaphysics relate to relationships?

Week 8: AUGUST 20TH, 2018

See week 8, Summary and Twist: here.

Main Idea: Existentialism is the ethos of our times; we are essentially aspiring to existential ideals.

Relevant Question: Is it the correct philosophy to be following?

Week 7: AUGUST 13TH, 2018

See week 7, Be Yourself: here.

Main Idea: To be yourself is moral.

Relevant Question: Where do you err from following your own proper inclinations; how do you distinguish between, own and proper?

Week 6: AUGUST 6TH, 2018

A quote about Existentialism: Part 2 from Leo Tolstoy, often quoted as one of best literary authors of all time, known for War and Peace and Anna Karenina tells us trying to impact the world may be a mistake if it does not come from the heart.

Main Idea: Only the heart can choose a singular path or destiny for the individual.

Relevant Question: How do we know when the heart is choosing?

Week 5: JULY 30TH, 2018

A quote about Overcoming Fear from Viktor Frankl, a practiced psychiatrist and holocaust survivor who wrote Man's Search for Meaning, which details his experience in the concentration camps (and how he survived) as well as his overarching psychiatric philosophy.

Main Idea: A paradoxical intent (willing your fear) can help to overcome it.

Relevant Question: How does one confront fears like death, failure, and heartbreak? (because one would not will these fears).

Week 4: JULY 23RD, 2018

A quote about Thinking Creatively from Robert Pirsig, an American writer who recently passed away in 2017 and wrote two books, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Lila: An Inquiry into Morals.

Main Idea: College students who have a hard time writing creative papers only think to write what's worth repeating.

Relevant Question: School stifles creativity; is teaching as a model of learning flawed? (because creative thought demonstrates true learning).

Week 3: JULY 16TH, 2018

A quote about Existentialism from Albert Camus, a french philosopher most known for his book, The Stranger, who posits suicide as the first philosophical question in The Myth of Sisyphus.

Main Idea: To confront life means to not divert oneself or turn to escapism, of which hope and meaning are two forms of escapism.

Relevant Question: How ought we live; how does one fundamentally choose how to live?

Week 2: JULY 9TH, 2018

A quote about Freedom from André Gide, a french author who wrote The Immoralist, a fictional book about a man called Michel who married a lovely but meek woman named Marceline with strong humanitarian values.

Main idea: Freedom should be directed towards a pursuit, without which it is a burden.

Relevant Question: What is freedom; are we as free as we think we are?

Week 1: JULY 2ND, 2018

A quote about Culture vs State from Friedrich Nietzsche, best known for his fight against Christianity, theory of man's will to power, and championing the Dionysus spirit.

Main Idea: Culture and state are at odds with each other.

Relevant Question: Are culture and state still at odds with each other in contemporary America; has the Internet changed the dynamic?