Create Alone

Real creation that benefits humanity happens alone.

Because creation is hard, that is why so seldom do people do it; because creation itself is a form of looking within the internal soul, wrapping it up, and making sense of it. But in fact, in the beginning, it may not even make sense, and may require much refining and work before it elucidates itself into form:

—That is why it is easier to write for other people, to create for other people, to answer other people's questions, other, other, other —the frame, the scope, it is all set! It is all aligned, it is all there! One must only write it and be content with having written it, but when one writes Alone, when one writes in solitude, when there is no question except the eternal questions that plague the lonely self, everything begins to deteriorate into madness; the world becomes chaos once more, the scope magnified x10, and the world suddenly zooms into view, at once comprehendible at the exact moment that it is incomprehensible because of the shock of the whole ordeal. To remove a telescope from one's eye is a dizzying experience if one has become acquainted to seeing through telescopes. Our worldviews are so narrow, we understand so little; because we only look at our own experiences, it's no wonder we can't see anything.

That is why it is nice and easy to believe that the purpose of your life is to help other people, but this purpose would be the biggest failure in understanding that purpose is a lonely endeavor. Creation happens alone; that is why there is so little real creation in this world.